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Social Media Marketing

 Social Media Marketing?

Some important texts

Traditional Media - Anytime through the medium of digital technology, they can be called traditional media - such as TV, radio, newspapers, and books

Client interruption- Trying to make repeated purchases from customers for a long time is called customer stoppage

Real-time conversations - It is a matter of exchange of news without any interference. There is a

a difference of time between the publication and publication of newspaper commercials. That's why

this does not happen in real-time. While social media is present: the whole world is immediately

visible as the post goes live.

Clients' Integrity - This means that people buy goods from a single place repeatedly, and not from

their competitive business. Despite loyal customers having cheap or easy ways, they will always buy

goods from their beloved company again and again. Being a good business, you can increase your

customer's loyalty to you through good service and interesting marketing methods.


First of all, what is social media?

There is a group of social media websites and apps that give people the opportunity to connect with

each other via photo, writing, video, and G I F There are lots of social media channels - from twitter

and whats app to youtube and link e in

Social media has changed the way to reach customers. From small startups to five employees to large

companies of fifty thousand employees, all social media are using to reach people. This gives a great

opportunity to reach out to your customers and make them a good relationship. This is an exciting

the way of marketing. Our effort in this course is to make these ideas work for you.

What is social media marketing?

Social media can prove to be effective not only for your personal use but also for your business.

Smaller companies and non-government organizations can use social media to connect with

customers and increase their online community. Social media marketing is the use of social media to

reach out to people and promote their business.

Many successful businesses through social media are changing the way people are learning,


and finding. Businesses can publish their own ads on social media, employed and keeping their

customers in mind. With social media, you can also get good value for money spent on



What are the changes in marketing from social media?

Social media marketing is a two-way thing to talk about, where you can establish a deep and long

a lasting relationship with your customer directly. Because it depends on the reaction, it is now easier to talk at the right time.

Social media marketing is the right way to increase awareness of your business and to leave a good

impression. Inspiring posts give you an amazing opportunity to connect with your customers. How

these posts are written, we will discuss this in the "How to Join Your Clients and Audiences" text.

Social media marketing helps you connect your business to customers and viewers, keep them happy,

and answer their questions. It not only transmits your message to customers but also listens to

customers and helps them answer their questions at the right time. This method of conversation with

existing and new customers can completely change the way the business is promoted. People will feel

comfortable talking to you on a simple tone. With this technology, not only will your customers

spend more time with you, but you will be able to better understand your customers and viewers and

provide better services.

Now it's your turn

We just discussed how social media has changed marketing. Let's now take a little bit of attention

to our own experiments. Raise a pen and answer these questions

Have you ever tried to join a business from social media?

If your answer is yes, then what did they answer your question?

What did you like in their way of answering?

What did you not like in their way of answering?

If you can understand what things work on social media, then you can use them to run your business

social media too.

Benefits of connecting with people
What is so special in social media marketing? This can be a great advantage for your business.

This gives you the opportunity to reach new customers quickly: Social Media helps your business

reach millions of people in a personal and planned manner.

The online discussion without your business, your customers' experience, and their appreciation can

all help in the growth of your business and tell people about it.

This gives you a chance to join real-time: Social media gives you the opportunity to post content and

connect with people quickly, so that you can quickly create your business order. Your business is

available at any time for everyone due to the interaction of each other.

For example,  puts photos of flowers on his Facebook page every day, so that his customers

always get information about his services. Responding to their questions immediately means that the

experience of their customers is always personal and without interruption

Talk of address: Nowadays, anyone can find answers to any question immediately on the internet by

searching. And most people do not expect to have such a kind of electricity. So try to answer your

questions as soon as possible to keep your customers happy.

This increases trust and relevance: Social media gives you the opportunity to connect with customers

so that they feel honored. Sincere conversation can long last for customers' trust. This gives you a

chance to learn more about your customers and viewers - like their daily needs, needs, needs and

hobbies. This helps in mixing your business and its message with their interest.


Watch again

Social media marketing is the use of social media to connect with your future and existing customers.

Unlike traditional media, social media marketing promotes two-way conversations

Social media gives you the opportunity to increase your business by listening to and understanding

the needs of your customers

Social media allows people to settled in any corner of the world to talk about your business and share

their experiences related to your business in your friends and relatives.


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