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Top 5 New Clubhouse App Updates for 2022

 Top 5 New Clubhouse App Updates for 2021

What is a clubhouse app? 

Have you heard about the Clubhouse app?

But you have no idea what it is or how it works? Or maybe you feel a little skeptical about joining it too?

Well in this post we want to help you heal all your headaches and frustrations and you have to show everything, step by step, to be a supporter in the clubhouse.

Let's do it!

What is a clubhouse app?

So essentially, Clubhouse is a live audio app with a very interesting feel.

In this app, users can walk into a room, listen to different types of discussions, and contribute to the discussion.

But this happens only when the arbitrator allows them to speak.

You can imagine walking into a big event like a conference or SXSW and there are many different Q&A workshops going on.

The Clubhouse app is like this, except the conference never ends.

You don't see people's living faces, and you don't even see pictures or videos.

But, you'll listen and ask others as if you were on a call.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the clubhouse is that the rooms are not recorded. So after the discussion ended, it went on forever.

So it takes some pressure on the people in the room.

And a conversation is treated like a conversation you would have with a group of people over lunch.

But it also creates an incredible amount by creating FOMO (Fear of Missing).

Therefore users want to stack well on the platform.

Now, this is often great if you're in business and you would like to create brand awareness otherwise you try to enhance your marketing.

The amazing thing about the Clubhouse app is that you can easily connect with people from all over the world.

It is a networking choice over steroids.

You can join rooms on topics that you enjoy while simultaneously engaging with people who enjoy those topics as well. And connect immediately.

We have now identified some of the work on the Clubhouse app that is being done by professionals and would like to share them with you.

Okay, let's dive in!

Top 5 New Clubhouse App Updates

Club House App Room Work

How to set up your profile

The invitation


How can you find

1. Club House App Room Work

The first thing you should know is how the rooms of the clubhouse app function.

A room in the clubhouse is like a room that you walk into during a presentation.

When you walk inside a room, there is usually one speaker on the stage or sometimes several speakers.

When you go inside a room, you will see many options.

a. If you come into the room and you don't like it, you can choose to leave quietly.

social media

B and you can also choose to extend your hand. When you do, the moderators are informed and can choose to bring you to the forum to add to the discussion or to ask questions.

C. Occasionally the facility to raise the hand will turn gray.

And this is because the speaker wants to end his thoughts before listening to the audience and not be distracted.

When the speaker is done, he usually returns.

D If you are really enjoying the room and you have some friends/followers that you would like to invite, you can hit the plus sign to invite others to the room.

I. You can tell who is speaking because they have a little shape around their head and usually bounce around a bit.

G is the mute sign in the bottom right corner of how you mute and unmute yourself.

This is especially important if you are on stage and you are not talking, because you do not want to distract everyone with your background noise.

Now, a cool thing that users are doing, if they are on stage and love what the speaker is saying, they will find themselves dumb and unmoved.

This is to indicate that they are clapping their hands or agreeing with what the speaker says.

Now, where does networking start here? When you are in a room, you can click on anyone and instantly see their bio.

When you click on their bio and swipe, you can start seeing more information about them such as:

How many followers he has,

His complete bio, and

Even some of his social media accounts

And an important point is that at this time, you cannot send a direct or private message to the clubhouse.

Therefore, if someone wants to send you a message via text, it is important that your social media accounts are connected.

You can also see who they are following and when you do this, you can see which clubs they are following as well as who they are following.

And it gives them great insight into their social circle and can give you some idea which is for you to connect with yourself.

Below a user profile, you can see which club they are members of.

 clubs are big value opportunities on the Club app.

This is where brands and businesses can create content and begin to develop a deeper relationship with their audience.

The person joining your club is like someone who makes the decision:

Follow you on Instagram,

Become a lover of your Facebook business page, or

Subscribe to your YouTube channel

Starting a club, and getting your audience involved and active is one that can bring you a lot of commercial value in the clubhouse.

So you can click on a club that is a member of someone and see what the club is.

You can see who created the club, follow the members, and in fact, join the rooms.

There are clubs on almost everything you'll imagine. There:

Car club,

Business club,

Reality tv show club,

… And so on.

The bottom line is that Club House is the core club of the app.

Now once you are on someone's profile, you've got a couple of different options.

To get notifications you can click on a bell and see 3 different options.




So the awesome part of this clubhouse app is that whenever you get to know someone who goes on stage, you can get notified and listen.

So if your best friend is brought up on a stage in the Clubhouse app, you can stop what you're doing and immediately hear what they're going to say.

It is connected 24/7 to your ally on the Clubhouse app.

Very good.

By default, notifications are set to "Occasionally".

But even that can be crazy because some people take the stage too much. So you have to make a wise choice.

And when you choose Always, it changes the icon to this site.

There is now a little star icon to the right of "Follow", and when you click it, it shows suggestions from other people you can follow who are similar to that user.

2. How to set up your profile

You will see your photo or gray-out profile picture in the upper right corner.

From here, you can edit your profile.

a. Adjustment

Under your settings, it is recommended that you change your notifications to exclude the trending room.

Additionally, you want to change the frequency too many times.

Otherwise, you are going to be bombarded with many continuous notifications throughout the day.

Even in settings, you are able to change the interests you have, which will help the clubhouse algorithm to serve you better.

B corridor

When you click on this icon, you are called the "hallway" at the clubhouse.

Here, you are going to see other rooms that you can include.

Those rooms are based on your interest, those clubs, and the people you follow.

social media

C. Start a room

Now when you scroll down, you're going to see this big green button that says "Start a room."

You can create 3 different types of rooms - an open room, a social room, and a closed room.

Open Rooms - There are random rooms that you can create that everyone can choose in hope.

Social Rooms - Rooms are only available to those following you.

Closer rooms - are for those whom you specifically decide to invite.

An important part of starting a room is adding a topic.

And your subject is like your title. The number of users who decide to click and join your room often depends on how attractive your title is.

You can always edit your subject before launching your room, but, you cannot do this after the room has started.

So make sure you do not have any typos in your titles otherwise you will need to start the room over and over again and this may leave some people out.

In addition, we recommend adding emojis and catchy phrases to attract more attention.

When you are starting a room, it is a good idea to hand over the middlemen, so that they can help you manage it. This is very true if you've got an outsized room.

The ability of arbitrators is:

Get people on stage,

Put them back in the audience,

Silent people who are on stage,

Add new moderators, and

Turn on or off the hand-raising feature inside a room

D who is online

Now going back to the hallway, if you swipe to the right, you can see that the people you are following are online and in which room they are.

For example, we can see that Vante Pule is in this room and was currently active 1 hour ago.

On the right side, you will see this green plus room button. If you click on it, you will invite the person to a private room.

So don't click on it, unless you really want to talk to them on one.

I. Explore content

Now if you still want to explore the contents, you can go to the hallway and click on the magnifying glass which will help you find new people and clubs.

You can for example type in "seanstandberry" and you will find one of the co-founders of LYFE. You can also look for specific clubs.

Also in Explore, you will see sections that follow people.

These are the first to be filled with people who have phone numbers with you and have clubhouse accounts.

After that, you are going to start looking at the people whom the clubhouse algorithm suggests.

This again is based on your interest, whom you follow, and the club you follow or its members.

As you continue scrolling down, you'll start to see:

A directory of categories

The club

And people from the clubhouse

3. Invitation

So far, Clubhouse is an invite-only app, which means that you have to be invited to the app by someone who is already a user to join you.

The envelope with the star at the top is where you will see how many invitations you have to offer.

It is important to know that you can only invite people who currently have an iPhone or iPad. And they should be on your phone's contact list.

You can invite more people who are active on the platform and accept your invitation.

For example, a member of our team present in the clubhouse says that he started without any invitation.

She then received 3 invitations and earned 5 invitations.

Now you'll be wondering why invitations are so important.

On your profile, people can see who has invited you to the platform. And it stays there forever.

So essentially if you invite someone and who are a really active user of the clubhouse app, they will naturally attract thousands of followers.

And possibly millions of followers as well.

So since you invited them, you will get thousands and possibly even millions of impressions.

And he is simply the one who invites them to the stage.

So it is important to invite the right people, but you can also invite as many people as you never know who will become a rising star.

4. Calendar

So now going back to the hallway, you will see an icon at the top that looks like a calendar.

It is going to show you all the scheduled events that have started in the last hour or are starting soon.

And if you see an event that you like, you can click on the notification bell to be alerted when the room is active.

You can also:

Get a preview of the event,

Look about it

Who started it,

See their profile, and

If you want to make others aware of this also you can share it

If you do not see an event of your choice, you can scroll through and select all upcoming events, which will give you more options.

Now confine in mind that not all rooms are scheduled. In fact, most rooms are not scheduled.

It is therefore important to go down your hallway to see which rooms are open.

And turn on your notifications for people or clubs you definitely don't want to miss.

5. How can you find

So of course, you want to make sure that you are doing the basics right.

You need a great bio, preferably things that make you credible like your achievements.

And as we mentioned, you want your accounts to be linked to the best social media platforms.

Also, you want to invite more and more people, so that you can show on other people's profiles.

But what is done after that? There are two things that we expect will assist you to earn more connections through the Clubhouse app.

a. Use rich keywords

The clubhouse, like other social networks and search engines, is powered by keywords.

So when people are looking for clubs or people to follow, you want to think about which keywords they can search for.

And then, make sure your room or profile includes some of those keywords.

How you use keywords in the clubhouse is the same as you usually do for your SEO campaign.

For example, when we search for sports cars, these profiles and clubs come to the fore.

Think of O how you can do within your particular niche and interests.

Go to the b platform

When you have the opportunity to speak in a room, people who are naturally in the room want to click on your bio and learn more about who you are.

Unlike most other social media platforms, you have the opportunity to show more about yourself, which can make a connection instantly.

We have seen that people see their followers by bringing thousands of people to the stage and talking in the right room.

Last Takeaway on Clubhouse App

So there you have it! Everything you would like to understand about the Clubhouse App in 2021.

We feel that this platform has great value for content creators and people who are trying to build their brands.

So if you are still not ready to develop and commit to any channel, Clubhouse can be a very good option for you.

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