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How to start blogging like a professional

How to start blogging like a professional | Follow these ten steps 


Welcome friends, I am going to tell you how you can start blogging like a professional, and what I am going to share with you is from my personal experience. If you are new to blogging or you are thinking of starting now then this post will be very useful for you. So, let's get started on the subject. 

1. Choose your blogging niche.

- For many bloggers, this is a big problem, they get confused in choosing their blog topic. If you too get caught in this problem then here is the solution. If your site does not have good content and unless you post regularly on your blog, there is no specific topic that will give you the ultimate number of site visitors. Therefore, in my opinion, it is better to start blogging on your favorite topic or on a topic on which you can write.

2. Choose your blogging platform and domain.

- Once you have chosen your blog niche. Then you can start looking for a good platform for blogging. There are lots of platforms for blogging but in my opinion, '' is the best. Here you can start with a free plan and by purchasing your first plan you will get free domain hosting for one year. But if you are completely new to blogging then I think it is better to start blogging with ''. Because '' comes with a very simple layout and its site is fully compatible with smartphones. Also, it gives you complete freedom to edit your theme HTML code which WordPress does not allow in the free plan.


3. Choose a name and address for your blog.

- Choosing a name and address for a blog is a complex process. This is complicated because once you have chosen a name for your blog, it is very possible that you cannot find one with the same name on Blogger. It is necessary to have the same name and address for better SEO. But if you haven't found one, you can choose the address that matches the name of your blog. You can also buy a domain instead.

4. Choose a better topic for your blog.

- Themes can bring amazing changes to your blog. This gives your blog a professional look and gives your visitors a great experience. But keep in mind while choosing a theme that should be light and smooth. Because heavy sites can annoy your visitors and lead to less traffic. Many of their free themes are available on the internet which you can use with the ad version. But, if you feel that your default theme is looking good and it has all these features then you can keep it.

5. Add a description of you and your blog.

- Many new bloggers do not take this seriously and add 'about us' pages to their blogs. But think, if a visitor comes to your site, they subscribe only when they find your blog interesting. And most of them are not going to scroll your site from top to bottom. Therefore, it is better to add the 'About U's page. Not only is the 'About Us' page required, but you must also add the 'Contact Us', T&C, and 'Privacy Policy' pages to your blog. Also, it gives your blog a professional look.

6. Write enough content.

- Many new bloggers write very little content. His posts only end in about 200 - 300 words which are not very long. An average blogger post should be 700 - 750 words. Also, a larger post has more chance that it ranks a smaller one on a search engine. Big means that you cannot write anything to increase its length. You have to keep in mind that your visitors want what you want from other bloggers. And that information is there.

7. Interact with people on social media sites.

- When your blog reaches at least 15 posts, then you have to create your blog page on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is necessary because through social media your blog can reach the right person who may love your content. And they can give to your audience. You can also publish your advertisement on them to reach your target audience. Like, if your blog is about gaming, you can target the audience that likes the game.

8. Get a logo for your blog.

- By adding a logo to your site you can make your blog more professional. You can buy a logo or contact a freelancer at, which can cost you around $ 5. But if you have this talent then you can make your own. In addition, you can download the logo maker software on your device which can reduce your effort. You can also use your logo as a favicon for a blog.

9. Add your site to different search engines.

- Search engines are very helpful to bring free and genuine visitors to your site. In addition, it drives users who are searching for your type of content. To add your site to the Google search engine you need to go to Google Search Console. In the same way, you can add your site to various search engines. There are many search engines in the world, submit your blog to them as much as possible. More search engines, more traffic.

10. Publish posts on regular basis.

- You can get more and more blog visitors by posting periodically on your blog. They can also subscribe to your blog.

So, these are the steps through which a professional blogger can become.

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