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short history about whatsApp

 A short history about WhatsApp

It still seems like WhatsApp was launched merely some years past but a decade has passed just about. do you perceive an international organization agency named the app once it had been launched? WhatsApp was based mostly on two former employees of Yahoo, Brian Acton, and January Koum, international organization agency even applied for jobs at Facebook but was rejected.


In 2009, the thought by Koum was mentioned amongst three friends and situated a Russian developer for this purpose. Koum named the app “WhatsApp” to create it sound like “What’s up” and on Feb twenty-fourth the app was on the market on the App Store.

 a short history about WhatsApp

If you aren’t aware, every App, inside the beginning, is not wonderful, and with the passage of some time once of us and so the App testers report issues, that moment is what makes us lose their interest in the extra amendment to the app. the identical issue happened to Koum, and he felt like he got to get employment somewhere, but Acton was there to encourage him by language merely wait some heaps of months. In 2009, once Apple launched a push notification feature, Koum updated his app and so version 2.0 got 250k users.

Did you know: The service was changed from “free” to “paid” for ages to avoid developing too fast?

In 2011, WhatsApp was inside the prime twenty apps of the App Store and cypress Capital a capital firm ended with nearly 8$ million for fifteen you look after the company. In the Gregorian calendar month 2013, WhatsApp had over 2 hundred million users and fifty staff members usually|this can be} often where cypress endued with another 50$ million that created the price of WhatsApp stands at $1.5 billion.

In 2014, the foremost vital acquisition was created by Facebook inside the history of the venture-backed company. Facebook inborn  WhatsApp for $19 billion, different people|and folks} had to maneuver to different Apps as a result of the service becoming unavailable a number of times. This was once totally different apps like wire and Line claimed to possess detected myriad downloads.

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