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How to Create Landing Page

How to Create Landing Page in ASP.NET

You want to know how to create a landing page in ASP.NET and then use this page to drive customers to your website. How will you do this? Asking for a visitor's email address is not the best approach when making the decision to sell.
Landing page 
If you are not getting traffic and customers, it will be hard to convert that customer into a client and if you try to sell that customer, it will be very difficult to sell that client as well. People like you who are truly interested in what you have to offer need to get excited about the idea of buying from you and if you do not deliver what you promise, there will be no return on your investment.
There are ways to make money with ASP.NET and one of them is by creating landing pages that can drive visitors to your website. The one that I am going to talk about today, I call "The Super Affiliate Landing Page". This landing page is the perfect example of how to create a landing page in ASP.NET. It is going to drive people to your website and it will help you convert that traffic into new customers.
The steps I have used to build this page are actually quite simple and easy to follow. So if you do not know how to build landing pages, then I suggest you try this one. The only step that is slightly harder than the others is building the introductory paragraph that will help you get people to see what you have to offer. After reading that, it is time to create the pages that will help your visitor decide if they should buy from you or not.
The most important part of this page is the heading that you are going to put in. What is the purpose of this heading? This heading will help the visitor to decide if he is interested in buying from you or not.
The first step is to set up an ASP.NET MVC project and then do a web build. Next, use the subfolders of your WebForms folder. Inside the subfolder, there is a folder called "user.asax" and inside that folder is another folder called "", so just copy the contents of the folder and put it inside the ASP.NET folder.
Create a simple template of the header that is necessary to see what the page looks like. Save the file as "Sample Header". Then save that file and then go back to the user.asax folder. After this is done, you can go into the ASP.NET user.asax folder and take a look at the "user.asp" file and look for the following line of code.
Add the following line of code and replace the string "Hello World" with the title that you made for the page. Remember that you should use proper spelling so that you can be sure that your visitors will see what they are looking for.
After this is done, you are ready to put your title in the header. You have to give your visitors something to do when they click on the link that you created.
First, you should enter the title and then find the "Index" button. If you click on the button, you can add the new code that will tell ASP.NET to read your header and change the title whenever the title of the header changes.
If you did everything correctly, your page should look like this. The header should be the only text on the page and this is the title that will pop up whenever someone clicks on the "Index" button.
When your visitor leaves your page, just open the user.asp file and you will see that there is a reference to the content of the header. There is also a reference to the "Content" line of code. This means that ASP.NET knows what to do when the user lands on your page.

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