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how to appeal AdSense ban invalid traffic

 how to appeal AdSense ban invalid traffic

 If you have come here, chances are you have received dangerous AdSense restrictions yet. This may seem like the end of the world, but all is not lost yet.

In this post, we are going to show you the steps taken to help you appeal your AdSense ban for illegal traffic. We are also going to explain how you can prevent your business from ruining.

If you are going to appeal properly and protect your account in the future, it is best to understand the AdSense program policies. AdSense rules and content policy guidelines can be difficult for publishers. This is where many publishers make costly mistakes and get into trouble with their advertising partners.

Advertisers are especially vigilant when invalid traffic arrives. Publishers who do not understand this and do not take measures to stop it will risk having significant revenue claws and full account restrictions.

However, there is a long list of policy violations, which can cause your account to stand out badly, most of which are usually caused by invalid traffic and policy violations.


Invalid traffic

-Electric traffic is a catch-all term for many types of advertising fraud that can occur.

-Also, traffic is mainly related to sophisticated bots that click on your ad inventory.

how to appeal AdSense ban invalid traffic

Policy violation

-Police violations may include a series of content-related violations.

- This may include illegal, adult, copyright, or any other type of content that AdSense policies prohibit you from serving ads.

What you need in this section:

-Complete Google AdSense Program Policies

Identify all invalid traffic and policy violations that lead to AdSense account shutdown

-Make sure your website follows program policies on all fronts, especially regarding invalid traffic.

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Do you have your own options for remodeling your ad?

Often, when it comes to appealing the AdSense ban, your chances of getting your account back are slim. If you have volunteered to participate in advertising practices, you will probably never get your account back.

However, if you were a victim of invalid traffic, which often happens, we can help you get your account back. However, since AdSense is a Google product and they want to protect their advertisers, we cannot make any guarantees.

If all else fails and you are not reclaiming your account, there are alternatives to AdSense which we will discuss below. This is a great advertising network, but it does not mean that you should close your business because you can no longer use it.

How the received traffic police reduced your option to revive your account

Traffic Coop is a MonetizeMore product that helps publishers protect their AdSense and other ad network accounts from invalid traffic. Traffic Coop uses machine learning and fingerprinting algorithms to identify common and sophisticated invalid traffic sources and block them.

As MonetizeMore works directly with publishers to optimize and increase their advertising revenue, we understand how important it is for publishers to protect ad network accounts. With Traffic Cop we use pre-bid analysis to prevent advertisements on your site from serving invalid traffic sources.

It is one thing to detect invalid traffic after viewing your ads and then blocking them. However, it does not protect your AdSense account. The damage could have already taken place. You need to stop invalid traffic from seeing and clicking your ads in real-time. Traffic coop that can do it for you.

Unfortunately, you've already got the ban hammer, but it's not too late to implement the traffic coop. To improve the likelihood of your account ban being lifted, we recommend signing up for Traffic Coop and implementing it.

When you write your AdSense account appeal, state that you have taken measures to prevent invalid traffic by joining Traffic Cop.

Remember, as important publishers are at Google, advertisers are the ones paying for advertising campaigns, and Google needs to protect their interests and the quality of their network. There is no place for invalid traffic in the Google advertising ecosystem.

With Traffic Cop, you will be able to stop invalid traffic. You will protect your account and Google will protect its advertisers. This is a win.

How to enforce an advertising ban on illegal traffic?

By now you ought to have found out that your account was restricted or determined, which illegal traffic/policy violations you were ready to fix. As a further measure, you ought to also check-in for policemen to point out Google that you simply are serious about protecting your account against invalid traffic.

You should also take a glance at your Google Analytics account and see if there have been any spikes in traffic and determine where the traffic originated. you'll compare previous months as a baseline to point out that traffic was erratic.

As an example, on 15 April 2019, you've got received a spike in traffic of fifty,000 visitors. Typically, you get around 30,000–50,000 visitors per day, or on an equivalent day of the previous month, you simply get 30,000 visitors.

Next, you ought to see where the traffic originated. If you discover that an outsized part of the traffic you received on 15 April 2019 was from different geography like China, while you get the foremost traffic from us, this might be the source of your invalid traffic.

Be sure to document such instances and gather the required evidence to present to Google when writing your illegal traffic appeal.

You can see an example of an invalid activity appeal from here:

Let's take a glance at some examples that you simply can answer to the questions asked. I'm getting to skip some questions first which you ought to be ready to answer yourself like "name" etc. and begin with the following:

How do users access your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel? How does one promote your content? *

Be honest about how you promote your content. There are many answers here. does one sell primarily through SEO / organic traffic, does one sell through social media, does one buy traffic on social media, if so, where? Be specific with each traffic source you employ and supply a transparent answer.

Have you or your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel ever violated AdSense program policies or terms and conditions? if so, how? additionally, include any relevant information that you simply believe could also be invalid activity. *

Again, this is often best, to be honest. State if you've got not violated AdSense program policies. within the context of irrelevant traffic, you'll say in some lines like "I never clicked on my ads nor paid anyone to click on ads on my website". If you've got found any irregularities in Google Analytics then mention it. you'll also say that it's going to be a competitor who is trying to urge your account banned by clicking on your ads.

What changes would you implement to assist improve ad traffic quality on your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel? *

Here I will be able to start by mentioning the very fact that you simply have studied the policies of the AdSense program as a refresher. you ought to also state that you simply have implemented policemen to dam invalid traffic and stop your ads from serving on bots. you'll also mention the advantages of traffic coop and it'll protect advertisers from invalid traffic on your site.

Please include any data from your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel traffic logs or reports indicating suspicious IP addresses, referrers, or requests, which can explain the invalid activity. *

Here you'll include any Google Analytics data where you've got found traffic spikes and observed irregularities associated with the origin of your traffic. Be specific and supply the maximum amount of information possible to assist Google employees.

Your ad has been approved, what's going on?

If Google has restored your AdSense account, it's going to desire a dream come true. From here we recommend being very careful with the traffic sources you employ, using traffic coop to watch and block illegal traffic, and easily follow AdSense policies.

Sign up to MonetizeMore to require your advertising revenue to the subsequent level and obtain access to a team of ad optimization experts who know the complex ins and outs of AdSense!

You are loading APTEL and aren't withdrawing your account

it's useless! I even have understood; you almost certainly spend countless hours writing content to end your site, to lose your advertising revenue. All isn't lost yet. Please have a glance at the choices below before giving.

Get another AdSense account

You have the option of getting another AdSense account as a business. However, if you have not fixed any problems due to your previous account restriction, it will probably happen again.

Your best option, in this case, is to overhaul your site and ensure that it follows all Google AdSense policies. Also, be clear of any sketching traffic sources and prevent your traffic from clicking on your ads to prevent traffic coop at a location such as traffic coop.

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Be sure to use a different address, phone number, a registered business, etc. at this address.

Try alternative ad networks

AdSense has several alternative ad networks with millions of ad impressions. You can start by applying for advertising networks in our list of the best advertising networks till 2020 here.

Try alternative monetization methods

Some of the most popular alternative methods of website monetization include affiliate marketing, native advertising, and e-commerce.

The conclusion

The process of appealing an AdSense ban for invalid traffic can be horrific. If you follow the procedure outlined in this article, then you have a better chance of reclaiming your AdSense account.

Be sure to implement Traffic Cop to protect your advertising accounts in the future!

Good luck!

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