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How Google Farms Creates a Link Free Survey Quiz Questionnaire.

How Google Farms Creates a Link Free Survey Quiz Questionnaire.


If you would like to make online surveys, quizzes, or questionnaires, Google Forms is one of the foremost versatile tools immediately. If you're new to Google Forms, then this guide is for you. Keep reading as we tell you ways to make forms in Google Forms, the way to share Google Forms, the way to check Google Forms, and everything else you would like to know about this tool.

Google Forms: How to create a form

Creating forms on Google Forms is very easy. follow these steps.

Go to

After the site loads, hover over the + icon to create an empty new form, or you can choose a template. To start from scratch, create a new look.

Starting from the highest, you'll add a title and outline.

In the box below, you can add questions. To add more questions, simply hold down the + icon from the toolbar on the right.

Other settings found within the floating toolbar include importing questions from other forms, adding a subtitle and outline, adding a photograph, adding a video, and creating a separate section in your form.

Note that at any time you can always hit the top on the preview icon next to Settings to see how your form opens.

Google Form Optimization: How to Design a Form

Now that you simply know the fundamentals of Google Forms, follow these steps to style your form. Like this.

To open the theme options, press the customized theme icon right next to the preview icon.

You can then choose the preloaded image as a header or you can also choose to use individual photos.

Next, you'll prefer to accompany the theme color of the header image otherwise you can set it to your liking. Note that the background color depends on the subject color you choose.

Finally, you'll choose between a complete of 4 different font styles.

Google Form: Field Options

When creating a form in Google Forms you get a group of field options. Here is a look.

1-After writing your question, you can then choose how you want others to answer your questions.

The 2-options include a short answer, which is perfect for giving a one-line answer, and a paragraph that asks the defendant for a detailed answer.

3-Down that you can set the answer type as multiple choice, checkbox, or dropdown.

4-Moving forward, you can also select Linear. If you want to set a scale for your respondents, then offer them to choose from low to high options. If you want to put more columns and rows in multiple-choice questions, you can select a multiple-choice grid or a checkbox grid.

5-You can also ask respondents to reply as adding files. These can be photos, videos, documents, etc. You can set the maximum file size limit and also set the maximum file size.

6-If your question asks for a specific date and time, you can also choose the date and time respectively.

7-Finally, if you want to create a duplicate field, you can do so by hitting the duplicate. You can also delete and delete a specific field.

Google Forms: How to create a quiz

By following the above points, you'll create a form, which may be basically a survey or questionnaire. But what do you do if you want to do a quiz? follow these steps.

1-To change your form to a quiz, go to Settings> hit quiz tab> make it a quiz.

2-Down You can choose whether you want to get results immediately to the respondents or you would like to manually reveal it later.

3-You can also choose what your defendant may see as missed questions, correct answers, and point values. Kill to save

4- Now, under each question, you have to specify the correct answer and the marks for it. To do this, press the Answer key> Tick the correct answer> Assign Points> Add Response Response (optional)> Save Hit.

5-Now, whenever a defendant gives the correct answer, they will automatically be rewarded with full marks. Of course, you'll only see that by getting to the Response tab and selecting the respondent by their email address. 

Google Forms: How to Share Responses

Now that you know how to create a form, design it, present it as a survey or a quiz, let's take a look at how you can collaborate with others in creating your form and eventually how does one share it with others. follow these steps.

1-Collaborating on your Google Form is very easy, just click on the three dots icon in the top right and click Add Partner.

2-Then you can add emails of people you want to collaborate with or you can copy the link and share it through third-party applications such as WhatsApp Web or Facebook Messenger.

3-Once you are fully prepared and ready to share your form, send it to share your form via email or you can also send it as a link. You can just shorten the URL if you would like. In addition, there's an embed option, if you would like to embed the shape on your website.

Google Forms: How to View Responses

You can access all of your Google Forms on Google Drive otherwise you also can visit the Google Forms website to access them. Therefore, to gauge a specific form, follow these steps.

1-Open your Google Form that you want to evaluate.

2-Once it is loaded, go to the Feedback tab. The first thing you need to do is to disable accepted responses so that respondents cannot make further changes to the form.

3-Furthermore, you can check the Summary tab to see the performance of all the respondents.

The 4-question tab lets you evaluate responses by choosing each question one by one.

Finally, the Personal tab lets you evaluate the individual performance of each defendant.

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