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Ask smart mirror the weather condition

 Ask smart mirror the weather condition


Now your smart mirror will not only show you the face. Will tell weather conditions, tell you about traffic and help make you smart.

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Now the mirror has also become smart. This will help you with many tasks. It has been designed by experts from California's app design studio 'Swipe Lab'. Their recommendations can make this mirror transparent and opaque as needed. Information on weather forecasts, news bulletins, calendar schedules, social media feeds, etc. can also be obtained from the 'Smart Mirror'. You can also add many features by modifying the upgrade version of the mirror according to the feature. You can also control 'smart mirror' through voice command. You can ask any question about your curiosities. You can set reminders or pair them with other devices. You can also control the smart mirror' using Alexa or Google Home Assistant.


How Smart Mirror Works

Smart mirrors have a film behind the glass, which reflects your image. Along with this, it also has a two-way mirror, which also allows light to pass through the other direction. A monitor screen is placed behind the smart mirror. It is used to display any information. The size of the content display can be similar to a mirror, or it can be smaller than a mirror. A small computer device is installed in the mirror, which allows the smart mirror to work with artificial intelligence. The requirement of the device depends on how you run your smart mirror.

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This mirror is of great use

The biggest advantage of 'Smart Mirror' is that you can control it without any app or any other device. All you have to do is look at your smart mirror and it will give you the necessary information with automated technology. Imagine that you are standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom and want to get all the 'information' related to the country and the world. In such a situation, this mirror will provide all the information without disrupting your routine. It costs from thousands to millions in India.

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Life will be easy

# Touch Screen: - If you want, you can control the mirror with your hands.

# LEDs Light: - LEDs can be placed around the mirror.

# Motion Sensor: - This feature will turn the mirror as soon as you enter your room.

# Voice Control: - You ask or order questions from the mirror.

# Face recognition: - With this feature, you can find out who came into the room.

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