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How to buy a Digital camera

 How to buy a Digital camera 

The way the change is taking place in the present time, it seems that the technology has become our lifestyle, only take the digital camera, the first digital camera was used in any special event or event. But today technology has become a part of our lifestyle, so we want to capture the camera every moment of our life today. By the way, every phone has a better camera on it today. But this has also increased camera sales in other gadget stores. But in such a case it is necessary which camera should be purchased and what are the things to be worried about.


 How to buy a Digital camera

1- Ask yourself these questions

- What kind of photography do you want to do with cameras?

-Why do you want to do most of the photography indoor, outdoor, bright light, low light

Would you like to do photography in auto mode or would you like to learn this art?

- How much information do you have about the camera or you would like to do manual photography.

-What kind of features are you looking for in the camera like zoom stabilization fancy or big screen

- The weight and size of the camera are what you mean.

- What is your budget to buy cameras?

Now you might be thinking that there are so many questions because this question largely determines how your camera should be. Because when you go to the store to buy the camera, the same question will be asked by the Sales Man and you will be able to get the camera, In fact, you will not need it.

2- You skip thinking about megapixels.

Well, while selling the camera, the most discussed is that of pixels. If you want to print the photograph taken by you, then you have to decide what size you want it to print, even today almost all the cameras are of 5 pixels, but for normal size photograph to print 4 megapixels or More than that. To say this is to select megapixels according to your needs, because of more pixels your memory will be affected quite a lot.

3- Will you have some accessories?

In addition to the features of the camera while checking the camera, check out what else is available to you, which is important for you: - Camera Case, Memory Card, Extra Battery Charger, Lens, Filter Tripod, Monopod External Flash, Reflector, etc.
These are the accessories that you will need late in the morning, so be better.
4-Also search for other offers
If you are getting work accessories with cameras then you should search online and also get offers like this in the retail market.

5- Compact points and shoots or D S L R

Today the D S L R camera has become more than a status symbol but it is not necessary that it is of your work. It depends on what kind of photography you want to do if you want to do photography in auto mode, then it is not your work. If you want to learn the art of photography or you want to do manual photography, it will be of great interest to you. Will help

6-select optical zoom.

There are two types of zooms in the camera. Digital zoom is the second optical zoom. In our opinion, you should choose an optical zoom camera as the digital zoom camera enhances the pixels of your shot so that your subject appears to increase but it will pixelate your picture. is
Keep in mind that the camera with your optical zoom should be 3 x, which will make your subject three times larger.

7-Read the review before buying the camera

Before buying a camera you must do a little homework if you are buying online then definitely read the custom review.

8-first hand experience

When you buy the camera, you should check it well enough to check whether it is fit in your hand or not, by taking two photos also.

9-price value

Being a customer, the value is your birthright, you must compare its value in many ways, as well as purchase the product only after the information about the discount offers.


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