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Jio 4G LTE Network in your phone

Jio 4G LTE Network in your phone

Insert your Jio SIM  in your smartphone or another 4G device like JioFi.If you have a Dual SIM phone. Insert the Jio SIM in the primary/4G slot and check phone settings to ensure that mobile data is active on your Jio SIM.

Once network bars appear, your service is ready for activation, You will be notified via email and SMS on your registered mobile number.

2- Say hello 

To activate both voice and data services on your smartphone, call 1977 from your phone with JIO SIM.
If you see a message that you read to install Jio join proceed to activate only data service, You will be prompted to install Jio join later in step 5.

To activate only data service for Jio-fi or any other data device. call 1800-890-1977 from any phone. You can activate your Jio voice services anytime later.

3- Save setting

Ones activated. Jio network settings will be automatically sent to your smartphone through a pop-up or an SMS.

Accept setting or follow instructions in the SMS to proceed.

4- Set up your Jio ID

You will receive a welcome message to set up your Jio ID and Jio service. Follow the given instructions to ensure that all Jio services work seamlessly on your phone.


Grant permission if you get a pop-up request to open the welcome page. A link to the welcome message will also be sent via SMS to your phone. In case the welcome page does not appear, click on the link to proceed.

If you are using Jio SIM in a Jio-fi device, the welcome page will appear on connecting your smartphone with Jio-fi for the first time.

Begin the setup process by logging in with your existing Jio ID ( if you already have one) or set up a new Jio ID.

5-Install Jio apps

Next, you will be prompted to download the 'Jio apps, and bundle them from iOS App Store or google play store. Install and open the 'Jio apps, a bundle containing all essential Jio applications.

IMPORTANT:------------- On opening 'Jio apps, if you are prompted to install 'Jio join' confirm to activate Jio voice, video calling, and messaging on your device,, then call 1977 to activate voice services.

Select and install the 'My Jio' app from the 'Jio apps' bundle, which is a self-care application to manage/add all your Jio services from your smartphone.

Finally, select and install all other Jio apps from the 'Jio apps' bundle on your smartphone. You can use your Jio ID to log into these apps.


Jio is here to inspire, empower and enable every Indian to live their many dreams. Here network is the first of its kind to provide consistency across India that lets you make voice calls in HD, enjoy high-speed internet, transform your smartphone into a secure wallet, and offer you a wide range of TV channels movies, songs, news, and secure cloud storage too.


HD voice & video calling

Connect calls almost instantly switch between voice and video calls; enjoy voice conference with up to 5 friends and video conference with up to 3 friends on the go. You can also make calls over Wi-Fi to check your phone's compatibility, please visit

True 4G high-speed internet

Browse, download share data instantly, and watch your favorite HD videos without buffering. True 4G high-speed internet. If you are not subscribed to select postpaid tariff plans, prepaid special tariff vouchers, combo vouchers, or add-on packs, activate mobile data by calling 1925 or SMS START to 1925.

National roaming

National roaming is already active on your phone. Enjoy this service across all major cities at ease.
As per DOT directions, prepaid customers from other circles roam in J&k

International roaming

Make/receive calls, send/receive messages, and use mobile data while traveling to all major countries around the world. You need a sufficient deposit or prepaid balance to avail of international roaming.

To know more about national and international roaming coverage and applicable charges.

Digital services

Jio Drive
Jio play
Jio on Demand
Jio Beats
Jio Mags

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