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Google Assistant will now read your

Google Assistant will now read your WhatsApp message

Google Assistant is now more advanced than before. Google Assistant will now also read the messages on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Slack. Not only that, but you will also be able to reply to the message by speaking. Google Assistant used to read only the SMS text in the native messaging app, but now this feature will also support third-party apps. Now Google Assistant will support many apps including Groupmy, Discord, Slack, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

Google Assistant

To use this new feature, the user has to activate Google Assistant on his Android phone and give the command to read my message. You can check whether this feature is working for you or not by activating Google Assistant. Make sure you have messages in the notification that you have not read.

Google Assistant will read your message after one and read it to you. It will show you as a message card and also tell you which message has come to the app and will ask you if you want to listen to the message or not. If you say yes, it will read the message to you.

If the message is audio, video, or photo, then the assistant will tell you that the message contains audio, video or photo so the media can not be played. Once you have read the text message, the assistant will ask you if you want to reply. After this, you will talk to the message and the assistant will transfer it to the text and send it wherever the message is to be sent in the group or in an individual chat.

This work feature has started appearing in Android phones, it seems that this feature was rolled out some time ago. This feature was first reported by Android Police.

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