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What are standard YouTube license

 What is the standard YouTube license and creative commons license?


Hello friends, in this blog, we will tell you what is the difference between the standard youtube license and what is the Creative Commons license. Friends, whenever you upload a video on youtube, it is written at one place in the Advanced Settings that you get two options in this license and right ownership. First standard youtube license and second creative commons license. After uploading the video, you have to choose one of these two options.

Standard youtube license - If you choose the standard youtube license, it means that no one can use your video. Saying that no one can re-upload your video to youtube. Will own. If anyone does this, you can take copyright action against him. We would advise you that whenever you upload videos, always choose the standard youtube license.

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Creative commons license - How will it work if you choose a Creative Commons license. Whenever you select a Creative Commons license for your video, it means that anyone can use your video and upload it again to youtube, there is no copyright action against it.

Now the question comes, how do we know which video is of standard youtube license and which creative commands of license. For this, first, you will go to your account and go to my channel. After that, you will click on the video manager. After going to the video manager, there will be an option of CREATE below. You will click on it. After clicking CREATE, a video editor option comes. If you click on it, CC (creative commons option) comes. After clicking on it, you get the Creative Commons License related videos, you can search any topic-related videos from there and you can edit them and upload them again on youtube, any copyright strike on these videos. Will not done.

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So guys, hope you all have understood what are the standard youtube license and creative commons license and what is the difference between these two.

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