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What is iOS? complete information.

What is iOS? complete information.

 People have a different craze of Apple Smartphones. Particularly with regard to the iPhone, people have a unique deception. People consider the iPhone as a status symbol. People eagerly await the launch of Apple's devices. But have you ever ever wondered what's so special about the iPhone that folks are so crazy about it? Let us tell you that its operating system makes these apple phones special. Apple devices run on the iOS operating system. Today in this post, we will give you information about iOS in detail. Like what's Apple iOS and what's its history?


In 2007, Apple founder Steve Jobs created a panic in the smartphone world. That year, Apple introduced its iPhone for the first time in the market.

Since that day, the smartphone market was split into two. In a short time, the iPhone made a different identity. But the game-changer that revolutionized the smartphone world was the operating system of Apple's device.

Software platforms on which all Apple devices run such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, etc. Today we are going to tell you about this.

What is iOS?

Like Android and Windows, iOS is Apple's operating system. But it is completely different from Android and Windows. Developed by Apple Incorporated.

Explain that Apple is the most used and popular operating system in the world after Android. iOS works on multitouch interfaces that use simple gestures.

This means that you can go to the next page and work by swiping the finger on the device. At the same time, the phone's screen has to be pinched with fingers to zoom and the screen gets zoomed.

IOS makes its device sensors powerful and strong. They start working by detecting the touch of your fingers in no time.

Apple's App Store has over 2 million iOS apps available that you can download.

History of iOS

In 2005, Steve Jobs started working on an iPhone making plan. At that time he had two options. The first was to shrink the Mac (Apple's desktop) and the second was to enlarge the iPod.

In the midst of this confusion, Steve met with the team that made the Mac and the iPod. The idea was far away from there that iOS would be made. Then in the year 2007, the iPhone was launched in the market for the first time.

The operating system of the iPhone was designed in such a way that no third party app can be run in the device.

Apple's iOS which we are all using today. Actually, it has been upgraded many times. Every year the company upgrades its operating system and launches a new version in the market.

Apple's OS was named OS X when the iPhone was launched. In 2008, Apple renamed OS and iPhone OS, followed by rebranded in 2011 as iOS.

As we told you that Apple launches a new upgraded version of iOS every year, so let's know how many versions the company has introduced in the market so far.

How is iOS different from another OS?

IOS is quite different from other operating systems in terms of protection. In this OS all the apps are kept during a protective shell. Apart from this, the OS also protects its apps from viruses.

Apart from this, Apple's operating system offers much smoother tasking to its device than other OSes. IS is also quite different from other OSs in terms of up-gradation.

The company keeps upgrading its OS every year. Due to which the shortcomings keep removing and at the same time users get to see new features. Apple's App Store is considered more secure.

iOS versions (Version of iOS in Hindi)

10+ versions of iOS have arrived. Here we tell you about them all in detail.

1. iPhone OS 1.X

This was the first version of the iPhone's operating system, which was launched in 2007. In this version, the company introduced a Touch Centric System. It was similar to Apple's desktop OS.

2. iPhone OS 2.X

The second version of the iPhone was launched in 2008. It was launched in the market with the iPhone 3G. But those people who were using the first version of old devices at that time could upgrade their OS.

The company introduced its app store to the world in 2008 with a second version. So that iDevice users can download applications.

3. iPhone OS 3.X

In the year 2009, OS 3.X was announced. Some features like MMS and Copy Paste Feature were added to it.

4. iOS 4.X

In March 2010, the company Introduced Next OS. Although this version was not made available for all devices, iPod Touch users could download this version for free.

It was introduced by the company with multitasking capabilities and the ability to set wallpaper on the home screen.

5. iOS 5.X

In this version, the company added many features such as syncing Wirelessly with Newsstand, iCloud, iMessage, Reminder, and iTunes.

Apart from this, the most interesting feature was to access the camera from the lock screen. Although it has become quite common now it was considered quite interesting at that time.

6. iOS 6.X

In this version introduced in the year 2012, the company removed Google Maps and Youtube from the default apps. Instead, the company inbuilt its Google Map Application.

Which included smooth zooming and spoken navigation. Apart from this, Siri has been introduced with better capabilities. However, users could download Google apps and YouTube from the App Store.

7. iOS 7.X

The seventh version was introduced by the company in 2013. In this version, the company added features like Airdrop, more App Store Search Option, New Camera Interface, and Multitasking Ability.

8.iOS 8.X

This version was introduced in the year 2014. It is believed that this is the version so far that the most changes were made. The company did a lot of UI Improvement with Apple Pay Platform, Reader View Safari, and Family Sharing in it.

9. iOS 9.X

It was launched in the year 2015. With a lot of improvements, the company had given the facility to support 3D Touch in the iPhone 6S Family.

In addition, the passbook app was renamed as a wallet. Also in iOS 9, Widget Notification was first featured.

10. iOS 10.X

In this version, the company included Touch Id Home Button Press Feature instead of Slide to Unlock Mechanism. Home apps were also introduced as well.

With which Homekit Enabled Home Automation Hardware could be controlled. After this version, third party apps could also take advantage of Siri Assistance.

11. iOS 11.X

Through this version, the company changed the look of many apps such as Calculator and Phone got a new look. Also redesigned lock screen and control center.

13. iOS 12.X

Performance and quality were improved through this version. New features like Screen Time, Group face Time, etc. were added.

13.2. iOS 13.2.X

This is Apple's latest OS with a lot of focus on the performance of the phone. Bugs have been fixed in this.

Now third party app users cannot track the password. Apart from this, a deep fusion camera feature has been included in it.


So friends, hope you all liked this article (What is iOS? What is iOS in Hindi). In this article, we learned about iOS, what's iOS, what's its history.

Apart from the definition of iOS, we also learned how many versions the company has introduced in the market so far and how iOS is different from other operating systems.

We hope that you have now understood that this too is Apple's OS (Operating System) like other mobile operating systems, such as Android and Windows.

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