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How to Increase Traffic on Blog?

How to Increase Traffic on Blog?

How to Increase Traffic on Blog? - (10 Easy Ways) [Increase 95%]

 If you have created a website and written and published a blog with high-quality content in it.

So obviously, hopefully now the blog will grow easily and quickly.

But then you see that only half a day goes well, with 10–12 page views.

Which is short for blog development.

You need blog par traffic and that too for a lot of traffic.

Because if no one went, then all your hard work will be spoiled.

Now you have only two routes left

Either you sit comfortably and wait for the day when people suddenly find your blog,

Or you can bring equal traffic to your blog using our suggested tips and tricks.

First of all, we know why traffic is so important for a blog.

The thing to think about is why this traffic is such an important part of our blog.

Let us see what are the benefits of maintaining blog par traffic and how it works for us.


1. More traffic means more blog revenue (more traffic = more revenue)

The motive behind making everyone's blog or website is that there will be no time limit and there will be a steady and passive income.

But you will be able to achieve this only when many people are visiting your blog in large quantities.

And your medium of income is advertising.

Advertising companies like Mediavine and AdThrive help make good money.

But to join their program, your website is visible in Google Analytics

Sessions for the last 30 days decide whether you can join MediaVine or not.

You must show at least 50,000 sessions per month for the last 30 days.

2. More traffic means more blog recognition (more traffic = more brand value)

More traffic means more people will come to your blog.

So on their own, they will be able to know your blog.

And these people help make your blog a brand. By telling someone about your blog or sharing your post on your social media account.

3. More traffic means more sales and leads (more traffic = more sales)

If you have an e-commerce website blog in which you sell your products or affiliate products, then obviously you will need more traffic to your website so that your sales and leads are larger. This will increase your customers, which is really inherent in your products.

Let us now know how to bring traffic to your blog or website.

Now you must have known how important traffic is to the website.

Now we will tell you easy and free tips so that on your website or blog

You will be able to get more organic traffic in less time:

1. Pinterest Marketing

On Pinterest, you can easily click on your blog link.

If this is done well then more traffic will start coming to your blog in no time.

This platform acts as a search engine.

Many bloggers and business owners are using it to grow their website and business.

On this, you will have to sign up and create your business account. Which is absolutely free. After claiming your website or blog on Pinterest, you can start promoting your blog.

All you have to do is post a pin there and give a link to your blog in every post.

People will come directly to your blog as soon as they click on the link. As more people start coming to your site via Pinterest, Google will understand that your content is good and your site will start to rank.

2. Pay attention to the blog title and headlines

People often search on Google or any other search engine or social media because they have a question in their mind which they seek answers. You have to take special care that you have only 3 seconds to get someone's attention and also you have to click on your link. That is why you should give such a headline that people click on it or draw all their attention to themselves.

You can write something in your title that will answer your users' questions in advance.

For example: what happens, how, why to do, from where

In English: "How to", "Where to" etc.

3. Make YouTube videos

You make good youtube videos. With their help, a lot of good traffic can be brought to your blog. Do you know that YouTube is being used as a search engine nowadays? Therefore you must take advantage of it. You should make videos or tutorials that are in your niche.

You can refer to your blog in your video and leave a link to your blog in the description of the video. When people have seen you in a video and they know who wrote the blog, they join you. If you have some products or services on your website that you want to sell or give, YouTube is a very fast medium that Not only will it bring high traffic to your site but will also increase your sales.

4. Join Blogging's Facebook Groups

You will benefit greatly by joining groups created specifically for bloggers. First of all, if you are already blogging, then you need to know and learn from your bloggers. You can get good blogging advice, tips to increase traffic, or simply to solve any website problem. In some blogging Facebook groups, you can also give your blog link, which will bring views, feedback, and comments to your blog. is.

5. Email Marketing

Starting your email list is one thing that you should start when creating a blog.

It does not matter whether you are sending an email or not. You should start it as soon as possible because you also do not want any user who comes to your blog and is interested in your content.

By sending an email, you inform your readers and customers about your new post, a new offering, or a new service.

Just this makes them want to revisit your website to see your product or to read your new posts. You can request your visitors to give them something to get started so that they can sign up for your mailing list first. It can be anything. Such as free short course, free printable or anything which is very important information for them.

6. Write a guest post

Writing guest posts can bring good traffic to your blog.

This proves helpful in increasing the ranking of your blog quickly.

In it, you write an article for another popular website or blog.

In exchange for your article, it gives your short author bio, your social media links, and links to your blog in your article, which means that traffic to your website will occur when your article is written. With the help of a link to your blog, that traffic also comes to your blog. You need to pay special attention to guest posting for websites that are in your niche, which will give you the same audience who are already interested in your content. Will happen.

Most bloggers create a page on their website

Including "Contribute", "Write for us" or simply a guest post.

By going there you can see how to present the article and what are the requirements.

Or you can take the contact section of the website owner's email address and ask them if they allow guest posts to be written.

7. Internal linking properly

While you are writing the post, keep in mind that you must provide a link to your other articles that are related to this post.

This will make your Google SEO good as well as help users to know your other content and they will definitely visit more pages of your website. And will spend more time on your website which will improve your Google Analytics bounce rate metric.

There is another way that you can do the same thing.

Where your page ends, you can place a link to all your related articles in one section.

This helps viewers spend more time on your website and helps in your Google ranking as it shows that your website has quality content. If your website is built on WordPress, then you will easily find such free plugins that put related posts section in your blog.

Now we go to the next end. This is something that most people ignore.

8. Update Your Old Content

While writing the post, you should not forget your old pages.

Do you know if there are any pages on your website blog that are most likely to rank?

So these are the old pages of your website.

That is why you should keep them up-to-date.

When people receive your content, they should not feel that it is 2 or 3 years old.

Your website or blog information should always be updated over time.

You can put new paragraphs or new ideas or new headings in them.

If you wish, you can change the title of your old articles which are for years. For example: "How to bring more traffic to the website in 2020", next year you should remove your title from 2020 and write it in 2021. A very good way is to link your old post to your new post. You can also give it. Now when users see your article in Google search results, whose title is in the current year, it is more likely that they will click on your page and not on the page whose title is from the previous year.

9. Answer the questions on Quora

Quora is a very good platform where you can promote your website. Whenever you write some questions on Google, you must have noticed that Quora comes out on top.

Most of the people answering it are business owners, bloggers, or professionals.

So yes, you can also answer the questions asked there.

Along with answering them, you can leave a link to a related article written in your blog. By doing this, if users seek answers to get more information, then they will definitely come to your website to read your article.

10. Use Keywords

You should note that you should use keywords in your post title, post description, post-sub-heading, post body, etc. and images in the post so that your blog gets ranked quickly and more and more users search your blog with Google search Will see in the result. Give.

You will get lots of free SEO resources and tools to do this.

Keywords like Surf Browser Extension and Neil Patel's UberSuggest.

We know that there are many ways that traffic can be brought to the blog.

If you also know any other trick which we have not written here, then we will definitely tell you by commenting below the post.

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