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Easy way to make videos viral on youtube

Easy way to make videos viral on youtube

 So let's know how YouTube videos are ranked, that is, to get maximum views on the video or you can also say what we have to focus on to make the video go viral.

Here we will understand things from basic to advanced to play YouTube videos. In which some things you may already know and some do not.


As you all know that the quality of your video content should be better first, such that the sound of the video should be fast and clear so that no one can open your video on mobile, and do not look at the air phone in the ear. to apply.

You can make a good video, but if people want to put an air phone in their ear due to its low voice, then only 40 out of 100 people will watch your video.

For the video to be in full HD, your mobile camera must be of good quality or have a separate camera.

Apart from the good things told in the video, the picture quality is also good, so the watchers watch more enthusiastically.

To make a YouTube video viral, the length of your video must be at least 5 minutes or more, and what you are referring to in the video should be understood by the people, not stupid or boring. Inside the video.

Search YouTube on any topic you are going to make a video on and watch other videos related to that topic that have maximum views, and try to see what they told you then in your video as well. Explain things that are better and easier to understand.

Easy way to make videos viral on youtube

Copyright-free material

The video must not contain copyright background songs or images. There are many websites for free images or songs from where you will be able to use them for free. You can filter and download songs from the YouTube library to use for free.

Well, research keywords for YouTube videos, you will find many free tools for this, and I will adjust you to remove keywords for your videos from Google Planner Tools.

Because the video also contains the keywords to be searched, YouTube will display your video as another and it will also appear in the search.

 And to go viral, it is very important to search for videos or come out on top.

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The main keyword will remain in your title, it should be in the video description and also in the tag, then relate it and delete the keyword and then put it in the tag and mention it while writing the description.

Put at least 15 keywords in the tag and also name your YouTube channel as a keyword.

YouTube video title, tag, description

Write video-related things in the video description and put keywords in the same things.

Be it the description, be it the title, or type a type of keyword once, then enter the corresponding keyword from it.

Provide a link to your other video in the description, if you are referring to a website or application in the video, then give a link to that website or application in the description.

Now let's talk about Video Thumbnail, Thumbnail should be such that people click on seeing it, but the thing to note is that people are clicking on your video, but after clicking they also get at least 70% of your video. See, then your video will play.

Because you have made the thumbnails so good, the clicks have started happening, but after a little video click, the viewer returns, it will have the opposite effect on your video and YouTube will put your video in the garbage heap.

That is to say, make the video such that if someone clicks on it, then see more than half of that video.

Because when people watch more than half of your videos, it will send a message to YouTube that your video is knowledgeable.

YouTube will then start putting that video in the browse feature on the list.

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 If YouTube accommodates your video to 100 people and 20 out of 100 people also click on it and watch it for a maximum time, then next time YouTube will send your video to 200 people.

And by doing so, your video will continue to move forward.

And later, it can be your views in millions or crores on your video and it is called viral of the video.

Conversely, if your video does not have power and you have created a thumbnail that people click on, but do not watch, then YouTube will push that video back and the impression will come on your video. Will block

And then when you place the next video, it will get very little effect because YouTube blocked the impression of your previous video.

Because of one of your bad videos, you can be at a lot of damage, so try to put a lot of effort into every video you make so that people watch at least half of it.

It is often seen that after a video goes viral, people get lost in their happiness and forget to make the video.

But after the video goes viral, you have to make the video with more ingenuity and hard work.

Because your video is in the browse feature of millions of people and when you make the next video and make it viral, your new video goes to the browse feature of all those who are in the browse facility.

And then they also watch it because they liked your previous video.

After the video goes viral, if you do not make the video for a long time, then the people who had the browse feature in your viral video slowly go out and then you make a new video, and then you Who will get the notification to see the number

That is to say, you put a video on YouTube and YouTube puts it in the people's browse feature, then when you put the next video, the previous video automatically goes into the browse feature of the people who had the browse feature.

Apart from this, YouTube also sends in new people's browse features. So we should keep uploading video content.

The video does not tell us before going viral that I am going to go viral.

So, if you upload a video, then put your other video in its end screen and card.

Because when the video is viral, then a good scene comes in the end screen and the video is inserted in the card with it.

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Even after the video goes viral, if you have not added another video to the end screen and card, you can change it at any time.

If you have a thousand subscribers on your channel and have not received the Community tab, then watch the video below and appeal to YouTube for the Community tab.

You can also insert a video of your friend or colleague into the last screen and card of your video.

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