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Google Nest Audio Review

Google Nest Audio Review


 Google's shrewd speaker is known by numerous names, beginning with Google Home, which was dispatched internationally in 2016. Going toward Amazon's Alexa-fueled Echo speakers, the Google reach will suit you better on the off chance that you put vigorously in Android and Google environments or have IoT devices that are leaned to work with Google Assistant. Savvy stuff aside, you additionally need the speaker to sound great, and that is actually what Google is promising with its new keen speaker, Google Nest Audio.

Estimated at Rs 7,999, Google Nest Audio is the hotly anticipated replacement for Google Home. It is a full-size shrewd speaker that looks new, feels much improved, and guarantees better stability, just as giving dependable admittance to Google Assistant and the entirety of its connected capacities and administrations. Google expresses that Nest Audio is 75 percent stronger than Google Home, with 50% more grounded bass, and these are claims that I anticipate testing for myself. Peruse our audit to discover all you require to think about Google Nest Audio.

Google Nest Audio Design and Specifications

The first Google Home had a decently captivated plan with an unbalanced mix of textures, uncovered plastic, and a sideways top, which pushed it strange in certain homes. Google Nest Audio closely resembles late Nest items, like the Google Nest Mini which was dispatched in late 2019. Nothing is going on here; The speaker is wrapped with fabric and is entirely even from all points.

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This is something worth being thankful for, as I would see it, since it enables the speaker to corrupt and blend in with your style. The dark charcoal shading choice looked practically like a little stone from a far distance and in typical activity, there are no noticeable fastens or lights on the front or top. You can likewise decide on white chalk on the off chance that you need it. The pointer lights streak from the texture on the front, while the top is contact delicate to let you control music playback and volume. The receiver slider switch is at the back, just like the main Google image.

Like most brilliant speakers, Google Nest Audio doesn't have a battery. The included force connector connects to the rear of the speaker, and you should be continually associated with power for Nest Audio to work. The gadget has three far-field mouthpieces that permit it to tune in to wake orders and resulting directions.

Google Nest Audio features a 75 mm mid-woofer and 19 mm tweeter for sound. The network is through Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz) and Bluetooth 5 and has an underlying Chromecast for sound projecting for viable gadgets. There is no extension for wired availability as there is no 3.5mm sound information.

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Like other Google Assistant-controlled savvy speakers like the Google Nest Mini and Mi Smart Speaker, Google Nest Audio should be introduced utilizing the Google Home application. You need to interface the speaker to your home Wi-Fi, connect it to your Google to represent individual reactions, and furthermore connect administrations, for example, Spotify and YouTube Music for simple access by means of voice orders. Relatives can be given admittance through their own Google represents voice coordinate highlights and customized reactions.

When set up, you approach Google Assistant, which can play music through connected web-based features, answer questions through Google's broad pursuit capacities, and connect to your home IoT can likewise control gadgets. During my experience with the speaker, I frequently utilized it to control savvy bulbs and automated vacuum cleaners, and I additionally discovered little apparatuses, for example, clocks, alerts, and updates with the assistance of Google Assistant.

Google Nest Audio Showcase

As the genuine replacement to Google Home, Nest Audio has been around quite a while to come, and normally, different alternatives are dispatched in the middle of having prevailed with regards to pushing in front of the first with regards to sound quality. Presently, Google Nest Audio sets another bar for shrewd speakers well and genuinely under Rs. 10,000. Sounds stronger when associated with a steady, quick Internet association, and sounds better.

You have the choice of utilizing Bluetooth to play music. It works even without web availability, given that you have just associated your cell phone with the speaker. While it sounds adequate, Google Nest Audio performs best when utilizing its Internet-based usefulness, web-based music and direct sound, or Chromecast Audio for projecting.


Google's cases of Nest Audio being noisy and punchier are not unwarranted; This speaker really sounds obviously superior to its archetypes, and far better than the Amazon Echo (3G General), which was dispatched in late 2019. The sound is sharp, refined, and itemized with a sound mark for speakers of its size. It is normal and adjusted rather than the bass-substantial sound on the Mi Smart speaker. 

Tuning in to Hot Like Sauce by Pretty Lights was hip-bounce motivated beat punch and assault, however, never felt over the top or misrepresented. The example vocal clasps were fresh and definite all through the track, while the high starts were a bit sparkling. The sound felt extremely lavish and splendidly perfect, which is generally what I anticipated from a brilliant speaker. 

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The mouthpiece framework functioned admirably enough for me. Home Audio had the option to hear a wake-up word in an enormous room, even with a slight commotion on the foundation and music being played uproariously on the speaker. Voice orders were effectively justifiable, and Google Assistant's Voice Match highlight functioned admirably to separate my voice and the voices of other relatives. 

The all-around archived capacities of Google Assistant proceed to develop, and the voice right hand has improved altogether throughout the long term. Aside from tuning in to music, I experienced no difficulty controlling the connected keen gadgets and gadgets or finding solutions to random data to settle the discussion at home. Indeed, even from around 3 meters away, the gadget had the option to get orders and respond appropriately. 


Google's shrewd speaker range is needed for Nest Audio to remain really important. With a new stylish, better solid quality, and reliably better capacities of Google Assistant, this brilliant speaker is the one I suggest easily in Rs. 10,000. On the off chance that you needn't bother with the convenience that particular remote speakers give and have a decent web association at home, you can't show improvement over Google Nest Audio at the cost. 

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While Google Nest Audio is, as I would like to think, a superior pick to the Amazon Echo (3G General), its genuine rivalry comes as a more outlandish item: the Mi Smart Speaker. In spite of the fact that it doesn't sound as great, the Mi Smart speaker coordinates a large portion of Google Nest Audio's capacities at not exactly a large portion of the cost. I accept that in the event that you care about the sound quality, the value contrast is justified, despite all the trouble, and spending more on Google Nest Audio will pay off over the long haul.

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