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Marketing vs. Branding

 Marketing vs. Branding: What's the Difference? And why does it matter?

Often, when people hear the term marketing, they do not feel that "marketing" is very much in a business under the surface.

For example, there is marketing and branding.

Branding, Marketing.

Marketing, Branding. Frankly, all this can be quite confusing if you do not start by understanding the basics first. The two are really different and without distinguishing between them you would not recognize why you need both.

Okay, so now you may ask "What's the difference, and what do I need to know?"

Well, lucky for you that you find out and have everything you need to know about marketing vs. branding and more!

Finally, you will understand the main differences between marketing and branding and why they matter to businesses today.

Okay, now let's get into marketing vs. branding. First, we will start with branding.

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What exactly is branding?

To be completely true, if you want to see the answer online, the answer is not so clear ...

According to Google, branding is the marking with iron. And in terms of marketing, it doesn't help us understand what branding really is.

But there is a second definition that Google provides.

Branding is the promotion of a product through advertising and distinctive design.

Now when we look at this definition of branding, everything we know about marketing is more closely related to it.

Branding mags refer to branding as "a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol, or design that is easily identifiable."

Okay, stop for a second and break these definitions.

By now, we have heard that branding is 1) a marking 2) advertising and design, and 3) a name or symbol.

One consistency we can see here is that in all definitions, it has some element of creative design, whether it is a mark, a symbol, or a drawing.

But of course, branding is more than this, right? There is a reason why they do not just call this "art" or "graphic design".

Because its branding is much deeper than that. Branding is a big thing.

Therefore, we tell you what branding is.

We learned what branding really means by going to the source. We learned the actual definition from the branding agency.

Branding is a person's feeling about a product or service.

Branding is feeling. A feeling that someone has about your business. This is when your brand information makes them feel when they first come into contact with it.

You probably think we're full of it, aren't you? But we are serious this is exactly what the word branding means in the marketing world.

To prove that this is true, let's do a simple test right now.

Take a good look at this photo of Spirit Airlines.

Which makes you feel better? Whom do you trust more? Which should you be happy to see? If we were to guess, we would probably say that you would lean more towards the delta.

Their branding captures a sense of credibility and trust. No, we cannot explain why it is like this, it is just how this image makes me feel.

Now don't think about which one you use. Think about which one speaks more to you?

If we had to guess, we would say that the answer would be Google. If you wonder what search engines are used for, you will understand why we called Google.

This is mainly because people use search engines to find information. And Google's search engine makes it very easy.

They remove all other news, advertisements, and other things that Yahoo does on their home page. If we asked which platform you connected to in news and advertisements, Google would probably not be your answer.

Google will only show you the ad you are actually looking for, such as if you do a specific search you will see the top relevant ads for that topic. And many users like it.

Which of these brands is the most tuff on your heart? The answer really depends on what you're doing.

If you want innovation, Apple's branding may speak more to you.

Not because they are actually more innovative, but just to look at their brand - it is called innovation. Which tech company do you know that has the Apple logo? You can probably remember the time when you first learned about a new tech company called "Apple" and thought "what is it?"

In the meantime, if you want reliability and arguably better features for less money, Samsung can pull you over.

There are only a few people who love Samsung products. But when it comes to phones and computers, there are many others who would disagree.

All these top companies generally have a way to deploy their brand through branding. This shows why branding is important and is actually an important factor when building an image around your brand.


Ok, before comparing it to marketing bring the branding closer with some key points.

Key Points of Branding

As stated, branding is the feature that people have when they encounter your brand.

Branding is an art, not a science. This includes choosing the right symbol, message, and design for your company.

Even things like color play a major role in your branding. For example, have a look at our blog on Color Psychology where we go more deeply into what colors mean to different brands, and why understanding colors is an important part of your branding strategy.

To properly brand for your business, you can use a website like Brand Personality to identify the archetype of your brand.

Basically, it is a character that defines the personality of your brand. There is a certain personality to arouse emotions for a specific person.

Using this kitsch will help you identify which features of your brand most connect with your audience.

In the end, it really helps you understand your customer avatar and whom you are trying to resonate with. Therefore, carefully build your branding keeping in mind the brand arch tips and your customer.

But branding is bigger than this.

Completing your business has a branding effect. This is why establishing a good brand image is important not only for large businesses but also for small businesses that are only entering the market.

Your marketing, your solutions, and your reputation ESPECIALLY are all important. You can have a great brand design but still have terrible branding.


McDonald's branding is very good. With the use of his logo "The Golden Arches" and funny love characters, he has managed to create a brand image that his audience loves.

In addition, they are playful, spontaneous, and funny. The proof of this is given by his Instagram page. McDonald's is very consistent in the look, color scheme, and messaging of its brand and everything just makes sense with their branding.

However, his branding is not the reason his image has been a hit in recent years.

What went wrong?

If your customers find that you are feeding them pink slime, then it does not matter.

And when food documentaries begin, suggesting you are basically killing people by injecting them with processed foods, loads of sugar, and those salty French fries everyone likes, your brand image tolls Going to take

McDonald's reputation declined drastically over the years, but they are recovering by making many adjustments to their menus and ingredients.

Nevertheless, all we say is to say that you can have the best brand design in the world but still not terrible branding because of everything related to design like your reputation.

Okay, so by now, you should have a general idea of what branding is.

But you might be thinking What's the difference between branding and marketing?  So let's have it in

Branding vs. Marketing?

Marketing is an overlapping umbrella that incorporates other aspects.

Branding is a subset of marketing. This is one aspect of marketing, but not the only thing to which marketing is concerned.

For example, marketing also includes advertising. And many times people also think that these two words are interchangeable. But in reality, they are not. (We discuss this difference more in our marketing vs. advertising blog.)

The primary focus of marketing is to communicate your value to customers. Branding is just one of the ways that marketing communicates to your customers but is not the only way to communicate.

Your products and solutions communicate value. Pricing communicates your value. Your advertising and promotional channels communicate your value. Your website and geographical location also help you communicate with your customers.

Branding helps you present your marketing message in the best way to aid marketing in an effort to communicate with your customers.

You can't do bad branding. It doesn't work that way

A great marketing value proposition with a crappy website, blurred logo, and weak message can be more harmful than helpful to your business.

Both marketing and branding depend on each other to be effective. Thus, it is not really marketing versus branding, but marketing and branding instead.

As we mentioned in the beginning, to truly communicate your business message in the best way, you need both to work together. Just trying to do something without each other is what we suggest.

As we have mentioned before, marketing is the big umbrella, so we have a lot more to do than fit into this blog.

To learn more about what marketing really is, then check out our blog "Why Marketing is Important" to see how you can use it to make a difference in your business.

In other news, go ahead and re-enter everything discussed on this blog so that you can start working on your branding strategy!


Today we focused on a simple question - what is the difference between marketing and branding?

As discussed, branding is connecting your people to your business. When marketing it helps to ensure that, ultimately, the value of your business is what your ideal customer proposes.

When it comes to branding, it is important for you to keep in mind that completing your business can affect your branding.

Yes, your logo and design are important. But it doesn't matter that your customers are not happy and you have a terrible reputation. So, you need great marketing to complement your branding.

Likewise, great marketing with HORRIBLE branding will not benefit you. No one will buy from a business they don't trust, or that flat-out looks unprofessional.

So the best solution is to create both your brand and marketing carefully - together.

But where do you start? Well, you can start by checking out our more detailed blogs. For example, we have more information on that to make a marketing plan.

Having a marketing plan will help you to better convey your message to your audience.

Or if you want to know more about what content you want to produce for your marketing, we can also provide information on that.

We have a lot of useful information small businesses can use to gain more insight into what they can do to increase their marketing efforts.

You might not want to wait and jump right in to develop your branding and marketing strategies, but you don't want to start on your own. There is no problem. We can help with that too!

You can start with your branding and marketing, however, there is a lot you can do with digital marketing. You can invest in web design, search engine optimization, and even social media advertising.

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