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How to get 10K YouTube Subscriptions

YouTube Marketing: How to get 10K YouTube Subscriptions

 Want to grow your audience using YouTube marketing?

Today, we are talking about YouTube marketing. As we know so far, a video marketing strategy is so powerful.

And we are very encouraging to everyone we know to start making videos.

Because doing so will, without question, help you establish a stronger connection with your audience.

That's why in this post, we want to reveal 5 strategies you can do in 2021 to get your first 10,000 customers.

Leverage External Audience

Create YouTube content continuously

YouTube SEO

Use youtube ads

Match all strategies

But, please give the address of the elephant in the room. Our channel does not have 10k subscribers yet, but in our case, it is only a matter of time.

We have been taking YouTube seriously for the last 4 months and gained 702 subscribers in the last 30 days.

And growing rapidly every month.

So we want to share with you some of the things that we are doing to achieve this growth.

Okay, let's go ahead and dive in with our first 2021 YouTube marketing tip.

How to set your goal in YouTube marketing?

Just like any other social media platform. The main reason people come to YouTube is to entertain or to entertain.

And if you can do both, then you are already one step ahead of the competition.

If you are a small business and you want to promote your business…

More than likely then, you want to educate your audience by establishing yourself as a thought leader on a particular topic.

Now the large thing you would like to understand about YouTube is…

We have seen that most users are in the early stages of their knowledge on most topics.

Therefore you need to understand that most of the audience may not be highly qualified leads.

social media

They need more education and time to get to know you and most importantly, the value you bring to your audience.

So once you understand this and fully accept it, you can move forward to set your goal.

And like most things, once you have established your goal, you will be able to easily see what strategy you need to adapt to achieve your goal.

So let's quickly look at a marketing funnel- the way we completely break down the marketing funnel into another post. You can see this post about the marketing funnel here.

Therefore you have awareness, interest, thought, intention, evaluation, and purchase.

Most, not all, but most of your biological audience will come to a level of awareness.

Then it is up to you to take that organic audience down to interest level, idea level, and so on.

So if you are okay with it, it means that you are committed to a long-term strategy.

A future strategy is great because it can give some long term benefits.

The content you create today can have a compounding effect and bring in new audiences for years to come.

However, you are really going to commit and are ready to put yourself into some work and possibly employ a small team to help you.

Therefore a goal that relates to a long-term strategy would be to create awareness.

And you have to keep this in mind with all of your YouTube marketing - your goal is to build brand awareness.

Okay, so if going long term is completely out of the question right now, you can choose to take a short term strategy with your YouTube marketing.

So by going back into our marketing funnel, you have the ability to move to the level of thought/intention with the power of YouTube advertising.

Which we will get to know a little more about the specifics of this post later.

For now, the most important thing to understand is that with YouTube advertising, you will need to spend money… pretty much forever.

If you want to attract new visitors, you will need to pay continuously for ideas.

Now the goal related to a short term strategy would be to generate quality traffic, leads, or sales.

Okay, so now we have that base, let's get into some strategies.

5 Proven YouTube Marketing Strategies

1. Leverage External Audience

This strategy is mainly to develop someone systematically or for a long period.

And it is quite obvious, but still overlooked very often.

What we mean is that if you are online, if you have any kind of base, no matter how big or small, use it to build your YouTube audience.

Whenever a new video is released, you can use your email list to send an email newsletter. If you don't have an email list right now, read this post further to learn some email list building tips.

You can use your social media channels like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, etc.

You can send a text message campaign or sign up at your location.

The main message here is that if you have an existing audience, use it! For us, about 30% of our traffic comes from external sources.

o It helped us a lot.

2. Create YouTube content continuously

Now move on to your second strategy for YouTube marketing in 2021.

This may apply to a short term or long term strategy. Although we have used the term "consistently", it is slightly more skewed towards a long-term strategy.

But either way, if you're going to make videos on YouTube, you'd better make sure people actually want to watch them.

And the best way to ensure your chances of success is to ensure that you are bringing value to your audience.

As we mentioned earlier, people are on YouTube for entertainment and entertainment.

So what are some ways to create value? We are going to fire 6 ideas fast that can help you get started.

Idea # 1 - Q&A

Take questions and answer them.

Okay, it's no secret that in 2021, we're big fans of living and interacting with your audience in real-time. You can bring instant value and connection.

Idea # 2 - Humor

Make people laugh

If you have a charismatic or funny personality, this is going to be one of your superpowers on YouTube.

Idea  3 - Go BTS (Behind the Scenes)

People like to go behind the scenes and see how things are made, operated, or just see how your life is.

Many YouTubers have millions of subscribers with just one daily vlog.

Idea # 4 - Breaking News

If you can be the first to share an opinion about the breaking news around your industry, this is a sure way to bring immediate value.

Idea # 5 - Tips and Tricks

As the video at the top of this post, sharing your experience and tips can be another way to bring value and value to people.

Idea # 6 - Case studies before or after

For those working outdoors, they would definitely like a transformation video, which describes what those people did to achieve their success. The same concept can be applied across the board for successful case studies across the industry.

So there are 6 ideas, but the possibilities are endless. The key is to think carefully about what your audience may need and bring it into video form.

3. YouTube SEO

Okay, so SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is something that is commonly practiced on text-rich search engines such as Google or Bing.

But as YouTube SEO there is also a thing that is basically the process of optimizing your video to show when it is searched by a related person.

For example, when we search for "marketing budget" on YouTube, our video shows how to calculate your marketing budget.

Now, if you are taking a long-term, organic YouTube marketing approach, this should be in your strategy.

To implement this, you first need to think about what your audience is looking for or do some research.

It becomes even more important to know who your audience is and what they want to know.

Once you are down, you need to go into some technical optimization.

A lot of this happens once you are uploading your video. 

The video title contains your target search keyword.

You have customized your video description.

You have categorized your video properly.

You have added a custom thumbnail that can capture the viewer's attention.

Now, believe it or not, this is just scratching the surface and there is a lot to learn about YouTube SEO.

But if you don't want to start from scratch and get guaranteed results, check out our YouTube SEO Services page.

4. Use YouTube Albums

Now in 2020, we spent $ 11,005.80 on YouTube ads from August 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020.

YouTube advertising is a great way to reach more people at a much cheaper cost.

For many of our videos, our cost per view was just 10 cents on average.

Now, how do YouTube ads work?

First of all, you need a video. So you still want to mention strategy # 2 and make sure you are posting great content.

Once your video is uploaded, you are connected to your Google advertising account.

Why Google Advertising? If you don't know, Google actually owns YouTube, so all your YouTube ads are done through their ad manager.

You will start a new video campaign and then choose your targeting.

The targeting options for YouTube ads are extremely powerful and allow you to step into the idea/intent stage we talked about earlier.

For example, if you want to target someone who is specifically looking for "dog walking services", you can put that keyword in your targeting.

More than that, Google is called an "in-market" audience, so it can tell which users may be in the market to buy, depending on the user's search behavior.

For example, there is an in-market audience for people who are looking for "pet supplies".

You can include or exclude certain age groups or genders so that you can pay for the people you want to reach.

Then, after launching your YouTube ad, you want to monitor.

Make sure that the cost is not going up too much and that your advertisement is actually being served to your desired audience.

5. Combine all strategies

If you want faster growth and faster results, try combining some of these strategies. Okay, make sure you can stick to just one, but doing them all gives you more speed.

And that's exactly what we did.

And as a result, in the last 30 days, we have been able to get a total of 2600+ subscribers on two different YouTube channels.

That is why we are confident that we will break 10,000 new customers this year.

Last Takeaways

So provides it an attempt and begin making some videos.

And by the way, we often ask how long our videos should be. So last week, we posted a video on the length of videos for not only YouTube but all social media channels.

So do check out our post "Video Marketing 2021: How Long Should Your Videos Be?"

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