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What to Post on Instagram

Know What to Post on Instagram & What Your Customers Want to See.

 This is not surprising when we look at Google's search data that search more than 3,000 people every month [for posting on Instagram].

The introduction and growth of social media channels have quenched their thirst for instant gratification of customers, and one platform has stood the test of time in the foremost fashion - Instagram.

Time and time again we have emphasized the importance of social media marketing which is playing a big role in the overall growth of small businesses.

We have looked at how a social media strategy can grow your business and have also discussed specific social media suggestions for small business owners.

We are always committed to helping entrepreneurs understand the power of social media in connecting their brands to target audiences.

Through this article, we want to share some effective Instagram specific content marketing strategies that will help you post to Instagram and get answers to your questions about being successful.

In order to post to Instagram before answering the question, we need to look at what exactly makes Instagram a social media powerhouse and why small business owners need to pay attention here and increase their presence.

According to Statista, a user spends close to 3 minutes on Instagram per session, compared to 1.5 minutes on Facebook.

And if this piece of data showing the average time spent on the platform is not sufficient enough, its $ 1 billion acquisition by Facebook in 2012 should encourage you to its growing popularity among younger audiences.

After engaging 100 million additional users every year for the past 6 consecutive years, this predominantly photo-sharing social channel is showing no signs of closing anytime soon.

Experts believe that this platform will increase popularity among the audience and this increase will get many new features and updates. Small business owners, too, are jumping on the band to advertise their products on Instagram.

And rightly so. Not only does Instagram tell your timeline and story through pictures, but it has been successful in capturing and retaining the imagination of a large audience that has always longed for visual satisfaction.

Not only does Instagram now have over 1 billion active users, but some of the most active users are creating content and engaging with brands. Some say 3 times more than its nearest rival Twitter. On the other hand, Instagram's parent company, Facebook, has reached 2.41 billion monthly active users.


This highly popular social media channel has not only captivated viewers with its photo and video sharing capabilities but has also helped business owners build an army of followers for their brands.

In this blog post, we are going to take a look at the most frequently asked question that small business owners want to know about this platform - what to post on Instagram?

We will give you a detailed understanding of what you can expect from this social media platform as a business owner.

We will also share examples posting on Instagram that will engage your target audience.

Let's take a look at what to post on Instagram that is attractive and will attract users' attention while echoing your brand's content with them!

What to Post on Instagram

15 Best Ideas to Post to Instagram

1. Quality Photos and Videos

Instagram is about the creative representation of your brand and how you engage your target audience by continuously posting content that is visually appealing. Using quality pictures and videos will go a long way in increasing the reach of your posts.

You will soon see users interacting with your brand.

The most effective photos have a width of at least 1080 pixels with an aspect ratio between 1.91: 1 and 4: 5. For video, a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 is most effective.

Regardless of the dimension, the photos appear on your profile as a center cropped square in the photo grid. So make sure you post pictures that are still pleasing in this format as well.

2. Show them what you do but in a creative way

Remember that your business is on Instagram to build a relationship with your audience, it is not difficult to sell them on your products. Force them to follow their brand journey instead of Instagram presence only to patronize their followers.

Looking at some recent statistics, around 50% of Instagram users conduct product research on social media and a user's brand engagement is 10 times higher than any other social media channel.

With new innovations coming on the IG trading platform, you can now post purchasable pictures.

You simply tag your popular products in an image and users can tap the image to see more details about the product. After tapping that information they will be taken to their website, all within the Instagram interface, and will allow them to make purchases.

This feature allows businesses to increase revenue and provides them with new options for posting on Instagram while sticking to Instagram's creative medium.

3. Attach them to posts around their favorites

People are always friendly towards the things they love. So posting about your favorite season, taste, childhood memory, etc. will affect the right cord.

After doing a little research about your ideal target audience, you know more about what your audience will like than what you want to post on Instagram. You can create posts that talk about your business and their favorite interests at the same time.

Take this Starbucks post for example. They know that many of their patrons value healthy fruits and vegetables in their diet.

You can't buy a carrot at Starbucks, but you can buy a healthy smoothie. They successfully combined audience interests and their products, and the engagement on the post indicates that customers love content!

4. Tutorials and demonstration

How everyone loves the video. They are a great way to attract audience attention, share information about your products, and create user engagement.

If you own a makeup artist or salon, for example, you've probably encountered "how-to" questions from customers during work. If your customers are asking these questions, then there are thousands of others on social media.

Use Instagram to answer those questions and showcase a new hairstyle or product to your followers.

These tutorial posts are one of the ways to improve the experience of your customers while using your product. When you start thinking about what you post on Instagram, this in itself can prove to be a highly effective answer.

5. Go Behind the Scenes

If you are running a business, you are bound to engage in various events, from product testing and marketing launches to customer experiences.

Whether you are a consumer-consumer business or a B2B service provider, chances are you are already organizing events that favor your customers, customers, and employees alike.

These sources make for great content that you can use to engage your fans on social media. Think of all the creative ways you can cover these events and meetings.

Show behind the scenes footage of the creation of a product or event. Make edits and bloopers or simply ask employees to create beautiful poses for pictures. If possible, take a stolen pill.

Don't organize your office instead because it is a mess every day as usual. Your goal here is to give your followers a glimpse of what they do behind their backs.

Make it natural and honest because this is what customers appreciate best in a brand.

Post these on your story and then reproduce the content for the post after the story is over. The more you understand that you have a multitude of content to post on Instagram.

6. Capture Different Moods

With video and photography at its base, Instagram can be a breeding ground for creative energy. Do not make your business posting different.

Users like to see pictures and videos capturing different moods. If this is something to which they are related, you are in for an impressive return to your efforts and will soon see an increase in traffic.

Capture different moods and moments from your employees or customers and reveal the story or brand values of your product.

For example, when Starbucks launched its new beverage tasting around Easter, they had some employees dressed with ears running along with the new drink.

This type of on-the-spot fun can also increase post engagement and traffic for your brand, capturing the current mood around the product.

7. DIY projects around your products and service

Lego as a brand has always wanted to engage with children to create new products with Lego blocks. He invited the children and made their imaginations wild by providing their products and captured all their creations.

DIY projects have the power to connect with an occasionally curious audience. Let alone a great execution. Explore how your products can be used by DIY audiences and if you find a match, create a project presentation to post on Instagram.

You can also access and reuse posts that your audience has tagged you with. People like to show their creations on social media and love it even more when the brand they follow recognizes their efforts.

This technique is a great way to capture the imagination of DIYers. A search for your product will in itself answer the obvious question - what to post on Instagram.

8. Use the trending post in the post

Fidget spinners to Pokémon Go suits. We have found it interesting how a brand's Instagram features the latest trends, which relate to people, which can increase engagement on posts.

Instagram is still a safe haven for businesses that don't want to appear like other big players. In our own experience, organic Instagram posts typically generate 3 times more engagement than other social media channels.

For example, a brick-and-mortar dessert shop in Manhattan produced pictures of employees posing as Pokemon Go characters when the viral game was trending.

This was not only a smart idea to tap into the apathetic audience, but also a great way to keep up with current trends in terms of their brand offerings.

9. Instagram Ads Your Customers Want to See

A recent study involving Instagram showed that using colorful visuals in their content increases people's willingness to engage more than 65%.

Even if you are using paid advertising solutions on Instagram, make sure that you are aware of not only your target audience but also the graphics you use in your posts, ranging from colors.

When deciding what to post and not on Instagram, first make visuals a rule of thumb. You cannot get away from shabby visuals that do not showcase your brand in a positive light.

Secondly, use relevant calls to action in your posts.

It is not necessary to call for action for every post, but it is encouraged if you want to interact and interact with your audience.

You can also increase posts on Instagram, which has a variety of call to action options. You can schedule a free chat with our team to learn more about how you can grow your business using Instagram's organic and paid tactics.

10. Using Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are still one of the most popular forms of tagging used in Instagram posts for individuals and businesses.

The power of these keyword tags in posts is invaluable and will help make your post more visible in trending circles. An important aspect of writing posts for your business should be to research trending hashtags that are following your target audience.

Then include those hashtags as keywords in the post. For example, when Taco Bell was launching their $ 1 menu, they used a trending hashtag, followed by their target audience for the post - #Breakfast.

Hashtags have also been used powerfully by recent social movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp.


11. Support and mention others

If you are starting a new business that is just getting started or you don't really know what to post on Instagram, you definitely want to see what other big brands are doing.

It is important to understand why you need a social strategy in the first place. Each business is unique, with a unique set of customers and identifiers. While you're at it, play with your strength and have a little fun.

Collaboration and tagging are another great way to engage your target audience.

This is a way of piggybacking on existing profiles that are strong which will ultimately boost the visibility of your post and also help any of your local marketing efforts.

For example, when Nike was launching a new series of teen sneakers, they first posted them on their Instagram feed and asked them their opinions, tagging popular teen artists.

This is a great way to leverage the visibility of already established profiles, but make sure to be as relevant as possible and that your content is interesting enough for them to engage with you.

12. Giveaways and Competitions

Another effective strategy is to start thinking about what to post on Instagram in terms of competition and giveaways for your customers.

Think of all the ways your customers might be engaged through an epic Instagram contest that offers a cheaper offer to post cool pictures while tagging your business.

There are more than enough examples of brands doing this.

They are successfully entangling their target audience with their business on Instagram. Much like how a cookie brand decided to attract users to try out their brand and raise brand awareness through a competition offering a free shirt instead of the more traditional way of giving free samples at the mall.

13. Live Video

Instagram has a built-in live video feature in its feed, allowing users to share live video of their activity during the day. It can be used by brands to talk about their events and launches.

In 2019, research notes that 65% of consumers are more likely to buy a concert ticket after watching live video and 70% prefer to watch a brand's video, for example reading a blog post.

These statistics cannot be ignored and indicate that live video should definitely be included in your Instagram content arsenal.

14. Influencer Marketing

It is not more likely that your customers are socially influenced, follow, or even idolize a fellow Instagram-er. We are not talking about national celebrities or film stars. We will leave those big companies like Nike and Capital One.

Micro-effectors are regular people like us, who have generated a strong following on social media through their consistently funny, interesting, and quality content. Such micro-influencers can be found after little research.

It is always a good idea to partner with them to help get the word out about your products through a trusted member of your target audience.

Chances are that their post about your product will be seen by many more people when you post about it on your profile. And it can be a good strategy to have in your arsenal.

15. Spreading national holiday and festive cheer

Whether it's Thanksgiving or St. Patty's, everyone loves a brand that's celebrating their favorite holidays with them.

As a business owner, you can take advantage of the readily available online annual celebration calendar for small businesses.

Post about special promotions that your business is hosting around these days or can celebrate the day with their fans through branded content.

Connecting with your customers during these common celebrations is an effective strategy that can be used to post on Instagram.

wrapping it up

We hope you get our advice on what to post on Instagram. Using these methods will boost your brand and content strategy that you need to see more results. Our employees are always ready to discuss the future of your business on Instagram. Take the time to talk to us and learn how our social media marketing company can help you develop your brand in today's competitive digital landscape.

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